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Placement of the Soul Gems in Puella Magi Madoka Magica


So, I’ve been thinking about soul gems and I came to a realization. The soul gems are all placed at locations that correspond to their wish. So, I’m going to analyze their wishes and how it affects the location of their soul gems.

Tomoe Mami

If you recall, Mami wished to survive a devastating car crash. Simply put, she didn’t want to die. I think that’s fairly safe to assume. The soul gem being placed on her head signifies this, because one’s life is centered around the mind. It’s about awareness. She wants to be aware of her life, thus the soul gem is on her head.

Sakura Kyouko

Kyouko made a wish entirely for the benefit of her father. It was a purely selfless wish with unforeseen consequences. However, since the wish was completely selfless, it’s placed near the heart.

Kaname Madoka

This one is strange, because there are two places I need to talk about.

The first placement, similar to Kyouko, is near the heart. This makes complete sense, considering how her first wish was to save a cat. Madoka is the definition of selfless. However, when she made that final ultra mega super duper wish, her soul gem was somewhere completely different.

You see, in the last episode, her soul gem is the size of a comet. It’s completely separate from Madoka. In other words, she made a truly selfless wish that benefits pretty much everyone (people, magical girls, witches, not Incubators).

Akemi Homura

Homura’s soul gem is placed on her hand. In many Western Cultures, the hand is a symbol of marriage. Her wish was to protect Madoka. The hand is also a symbol of chivalry. Make of that what you will.

Miki Sayaka

Let’s see where her soul gem is…

Near her…


I get it.

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